A warm welcome to the Tri-Community Catholic Parish of Colorado Springs!

Our three churches—Sacred Heart on the west side of Colorado Springs, Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Manitou Springs, and Holy Rosary Chapel in Cascade (lower Ute Pass)—operate as one faith community. The pastoral services and planning are united, although each of the churches has its own schedule of Sunday Masses, and its own distinct “flavor” to its worship and community interaction.

Welcome to our website! Browse through our pages to learn about us. Come and worship with us at any time. Please don't hesitate to call the Office at (719) 633-8711 or toll free at (877) 737-5142 with any questions, or click here to contact us by e-mail.

who we are

The clergy who serve the Tri-Community come from the Congregation of Holy Cross, U.S. Province (the provincial offices are located at Notre Dame, Indiana). This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Congregation of Holy Cross in the Tri-Community!

Currently serving the Tri-Community are:

Rev. Ronald Patrick Raab, CSC   Pastor
Rev. Andrew M. Gawrych, CSC.  Associate Pastor

The Tri-Community is fully committed to creating a "safe environment" for our children!

Click here to read the Bishops' Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People,
which is the foundation for a safe environment and with which all parishes in our diocese are expected to comply. We are making a dedicated effort, however, to move beyond mere "compliance" in the way we approach a safe environment, and are continually evaluating our programs and facilities to look for ways to expand and enhance what we're doing to keep our children, and everyone, safe. Lisa Haight, our Safe Environment Coordinator, will be offering regular updates and education to keep you informed!

Christmas Mass Schedule
Christmas Eve
4:00 p.m.--SH Parish Center
4:30 p.m.--SH Church
6:00 p.m.--OLPH
7:00 p.m.--SH Church
10:00 p.m.--SH Church
Midnight--Holy Rosary (with carols at 11:30 p.m.)

Christmas Day
9:00 a.m. at SH only

Children's Classes and Youth Ministry are on break until January 7.

Children's classes
are held on Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m. in the Parish Center. For a registration form, click here.

Youth Ministry sessions are on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. Registration and information is available at www.tricommunityyouthministry.com.

Advent Vespers: Turning Toward Hope

Join us for our final Advent Vespers (sung evening prayer) at 5 p.m. in Sacred Heart Church on Sunday, Dec.  21. A reflection will be offered by Jim & Kathy Sciegel, Tri-Community parishioners, on the theme of "Turning Toward Hope." Don't miss this rich and prayerful evening of contemplative prayer!

New Support Groups
For caregivers: If you are caring for someone with dementia or other struggles--whether at home, in a facility setting, or from a distance--a new support group, facilitated by Paula Levy, will begin meeting on the first Thursday of each month at 3:30 p.m. in the Parish Center. Come for support, for encouragement, for a time of sharing with others who face the same challenges.

Coping during the holidays: A grief and loss support group will meet on Mondays, Dec. 15 and 22, from 6:30-8 p.m. in the Parish Center. Please contact the office to sign up--633-8711 or office@tricommunity.org

The "Know Thy Neighbor Supper Club"
Like to dine in good company? Don't miss this opportunity, sponsored by the Tri-C Pastoral Council, to get to know the people of our faith community! Adult couples/singles are invited to break bread in small groups of 6 people, with each couple/single hosting once during a 3-month period, beginning in March. Sign up after Mass through Jan. 25, or email any of the following:

Jill Occhi (JILLAERTKERO@gmail.com);
Ann DeStefano (ADeStefano@ColoradoCollege.edu);
Ben Triplett (btriplett2002@yahoo.com).

Please include name(s), phone number, email, marital status (couple or single) and the church you attend.

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If you are a legacy donor--someone who has named the parish, a Catholic school, or a ministry of the Diocese of Colorado Springs as a beneficiary -- you are gratefully invited to join the Catholic Legacy Society (click here for an enrollment form).

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If you have been considering such a gift in your will or revocable trust, it is easy to arrange--and proclaims your confidence that we will continue to fulfill our mission and make a difference in the lives of future generations. Such a gift will not alter your current lifestyle in any way and can be easily modified to address your changing needs. To view sample bequest language, click here; the document can be revised to apply to the entity of your choice.