The Sacrament of Baptism
is a family event within the parish faith community, part of the Church throughout the world. Through the Rite of Infant Baptism, parents make a public commitment to bring up their child in the way of life and faith presented in the Catholic tradition.

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What happens when a child is baptized?

The infant is given a new birth as a child of God and as a member of the Church community through the faith of their parents. When the parents bring an infant to the community for Baptism, they testify (give witness) that they will share their faith with the child. Then our community welcomes the child and offers support to the child and parent, committing ourselves to share our faith with the new Christian.

How early are arrangements made?

To ensure that parents understand the nature of the sacrament and their parental obligations, we provide a preparation process for bringing the child into the family of the Church. This process can begin before the child is born.
Our pre-requisites for infant Baptism reflect the importance of the parent’s commitment to share their faith. We try to live as a community of faith. We expect that a family bringing a child for Baptism be a member family within our Tri-Community—registered in the parish, attending Mass regularly, and with at least one Catholic parent. There needs to be reason to believe that the child will be “brought up in the faith,” that is, raised as a member of the Catholic Church. It is difficult to believe that parents who do not attend church will raise their child in the church.

What is the preparation?

At least one parent will be asked to take part in a pastoral visit with a member of the Infant Baptism Team. This visit gives the parent(s) an opportunity to speak of why they desire Baptism for their child, what their own relationship to the Church is, and any matters of personal or family concern.

Parents are asked to participate in a session of group reflection on the meaning and implications of Baptism. Sessions are held on a Saturday morning, every other month. (A letter of comparable participation at another church may be accepted.) Parents must attend; Godparents are strongly encouraged but not required to attend.

When will the Baptism take place?

Contact the Faith Formation Office for upcoming dates. 719-633-8711 x105


Only one godparent is needed. When there are two, one is male and one female. They need to be at least 16 years old, baptized, confirmed, have received First Communion and be practicing their Catholic faith. If you have one person who meets the criteria for godparent, a second Christian person may be a Christian Witness.

Godparents who are unable to attend the Baptism ceremony may be represented by a proxy, a person who stands in for them. The parish must receive a letter from the godparents stating that they accept the responsibility of being godparents, even though they cannot be present.
A godparent promises to help the parents raise the child to know Christ and to live as a Catholic Christian. The Church asks that godparents be able to witness faith to the parents and child. A godparent is asked to provide evidence that they themselves are baptized, confirmed, have had First Communion and are practicing their faith. Practically, this “evidence” takes the form of a letter from the pastor of the parish where the godparent is registered and living their faith. This letter should be presented at the parish office no less than 2 weeks before the requested Baptism date. It is the parents’ responsibility to ask the godparents to provide this information to the Tri-Community office.

If the godparents attend one of our Tri-Community churches, we expect that they are registered and active members.

For more information about the Sacrament of Baptism:

Contact Roberto Chavez  at 719-633-8711 x105 or email